Letter Writer (CSLM-17)


C.S. Lewis was obviously a writer, yet few people realize how much he personally wrote to others!

In the bygone days your parents or grandparents (so they say) had to walk miles to school uphill…both ways! Also in that generation they claimed to do something else really odd…they wrote letters to each other. C.S. Lewis was no stranger to this practice that’s considered rare today.

Despite writing 41 books before he died and working full-time as a professor, Lewis responded to anyone that wrote to him…and when they would write back, he would reply again! In fact, there are those who wrote to him first as fans who later became friends…he even married one. He wrote so many letters, in fact, that a three volume published set each contains over 1,000 pages!

If you’ve read any of Lewis’s letter tell me your favorites by leaving a comment below!


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