Other Demons in Screwtape (CSLM-20)


If C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters is one of your favorites you probably know quite a few names of the devils mentioned in that book.

Besides the obvious Wormwood and his affectionate Uncle Screwtape, there are six other demons named in the devilish correspondence. We are told the head of the “Training College” is Slubgob, for whom Screwtape has no fondness.

Glubose is a colleague of Wormwood who is in charge of the patient’s mother. Slumtrimpet is the demon who tries to complicate the life of the main character’s girlfriend. A middle-age couple mentioned in the story is under the influence of Triptweeze. Toadpipe is identified as the scribe of  Screwtape, and finally Scabtree is only mentioned in passing.


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