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A Life ObservedGet a chance to win a copy of the latest book by Dr. Devin Brown, A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C.S. Lewis.  Also, be sure to listen to my  podcast interview with the author from my All About Jack site.

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  1. Ed coffman /

    Lewis turned down a appointment to the Order of the British Empire

  2. Arthur Greeves was Lewis’s ‘first’ friend.

  3. Judy Gale /

    I was so happy to see that Lewis was born in Ireland. Kindred soull

  4. In 1941 C.S.Lewis delivered the first of four talks on “Right and Wrong” on the BBC radio. These later were published as the “Broadcast Talks” (in 1942) and became the first book of “Mere Christianity.”

  5. Sharon Esmont /

    C.S. Lewis loved animals and used them as characters in several of his books.

  6. Lewis and his brother wrote stories together when they were children called Boxen.

  7. Lewis once had lunch with Lawrence of Arabia.

  8. Judy Rose /

    In 1932 Lewis wrote an allegory about his quest for salvation. He titled it PILGRIM’S REGRESS.

  9. Vickie Lee /

    From 1920s until 1939, Lewis took an annual trek (walking) tour above and beyond his daily walks. It is written that he would–with eyes and ears open, “take in what is there and give no thought to what might have been there or what is somewhere else” I LOVE that, to still such a great mind and take in what is there. images of the Creator.

  10. Tolkien was one of Lewis’s friends responsible for his comeback to believing in God.

  11. Laura B /

    Lewis nicknamed himself “Jacksie” when he was a little boy. Family and close friends called him Jack the rest of his life.

  12. Jared Lobdell /

    Five at least of Lewis’s Oxford friends were never known by their first names: John Ronald Reue] Tolkien (Ronald), Alfred Kenneth Hamilton Jenkin (Kenneth), Henry Victor Dyson Dyson (Hugo), Edward Courtenay Moore (Paddy), Arthur Owen Barfield (Owen) — but then of course neither was Clive Staples Lewis (Jack).

  13. Glenn Jones /

    Tolkien didn’t like Lewis’ Narnia books!

  14. Dianne Mosley /

    Lewis hated getting mail, because he felt compelled to answer all the letters. We are so blessed because he did.

  15. G. Oberschmidt /

    Lewis initially delivered Mere Christianity as a radio address before he published it.

  16. Paul Mays /

    His death was overshadowed by that of JFK on Nov 22 1963

  17. Henry Bernshausen /

    Jack was a practical joker.

  18. George Musacchio /

    “Jack” Lewis’s relatives called him “Jacks” well into his adulthood.


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