Remembering Four Signs (CSLM-26)


Do you have a great memory? Jill Pole definitely needed one in her first adventure in Narnia!

In The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, Eustace and Jill get an adventure they will never forget. Just as it is getting started Jill is told by Aslan that she must remember four signs. Sadly, because of something Jill did, they missed the first sign where Eustace was to greet an old friend.

They do manage to make it north to the ruined city of the ancient giants (the 2nd sign). Next they find the writing on a stone in the city and while rushing away from it they did ended up doing what it said. The final sign involved completing their overall quest, finding the lost Prince; as he would be the first to ask them to do something in the name of Aslan.

How well do you think you would have done in remembering the four signs?


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