Lewis at the BBC (CSLM-33)

NOTE: Since writing this back in February, 2012 another resource has become available from Focus on the Family, called “C.S. Lewis at War.” Hear an interview I did with Paul McCusker about it



Can you image what it was like to be C.S. Lewis preparing for and delivering his radio talks in the 1940’s?

As noted in a previous minute Lewis made his radio debut in August 1941. The result became four series of talks that eventually become known as Mere Christianity. Prior to Justin Phillips writing C.S. Lewis at the BBC there had not been any detailed account of the behind the scenes preparation before and between these historic broadcasts.

It’s important to note this book can also be found under the title C.S. Lewis in a Time of War. Whichever copy you pick up will provide a fascinating history of the things that lead up to Lewis going on the air and his process of writing these landmark talks.

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