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Many Lewis fans are excited (and rightly so) about news of a new Narnia movie. Realistically, however, that movie (The Silver Chair) will not be released until 2017 or 2018 (if you haven’t heard about this you can read my previous post about it). In the meantime I’m please to announce another movie in the works that will be out much sooner that deals with the true story of the unique friendship between Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Jack and TollersIt’s called JACK AND TOLLERS. The screen writers are the two people (Darren Jacobs and Dr. Louis Markos) who had work on The Lion Awakes project. In the coming days I hope to have them on my podcast show (All About Jack) to give you more details (and to explain why the previous project didn’t work out). For now, I want to encourage you to visit and LIKE the Facebook page of the studio doing the project. This will do two things: 1.) It will let them know of your interest in the film and 2.) You’ll be able to get updates about what’s happening in your FB News Feed.

You also will want  to also consider checking out their Indiegogo page. There you will find a short concept trailer video that includes a short explanation by Chris Dodge, the Executive Producer on the project. This fundraising page was setup to fund the upcoming teaser trailer only. Accomplishing this goal will help show others who have the funds to back the film itself that there are people who want to see this movie made. The goal is to raise$29,500 by January 3, 2014. However, even if you can’t contribute you can show your support/interest in the project by liking the Facebook of Third Dart Studios and by sharing that FB page with others who would be interested in a movie about the early life of C.S. Lewis and his friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien.

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