Charles Williams (CSLM-37)


This Inklings member had a very profound impact on C.S. Lewis, even though he died less than ten years after they became friends.

As noted in a previous post (See #24) Lewis often met with a group of friends where they frequently discussed their writings. After reading Charles Williams’ The Place of the Lion Lewis developed a friendship with him. Williams was working at the Oxford University Press at the time.

While with the Inklings Williams heard Tolkien read early drafts of The Lord of the Rings and himself read at least parts of his final novel All Hallows’ Eve. His impact on Lewis was obvious to the point that with the release of That Hideous Strength many noted how it was influenced by Williams’ style of writing.

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  1. Rev. George Naylor /

    It’s been perhaps two decades since I’ve read any of Williams’ books. The one I could almost understand was The Place of the Lion. Besides that I think I read War in Heaven and The Greater Trumps. I found his books to be incredibly dense and well nigh incomprehensible.

    Although I should probably give them another read…