A Pilgrim in Narnia (Brenton Dickieson)

A Pilgrim in Narnia

Welcome to first of a new weekly series whose aim is to share useful resources online related to C.S. Lewis. It may be a single article, free audio or video piece or like today an entire website. As you can tell from the title, the site is called “A Pilgrim in Narnia.” Brenton Dickieson is the mastermind behind the site that does a wonderful job discussing a large variety of content related to C.S. Lewis. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m friends with Brenton (though not close) and he has been a guest on my All About Jack podcast twice (once was an essay chat and the other was to share a talk he gave at Taylor University).

To be honest, had I started reading his blog before I began doing my own Lewis stuff online I might not have decided to begin my own ventures. Having said that I must also admit that I rarely have a chance to read his content, which may seem odd considering my endorsement here. It’s just the material I have read is so good that I have confidence the other contend is equally well written and insightful. But, as with any site, not every posting is equally interesting to everyone; however Brenton does a great job in what he states his aim is. That aim is to share his “journey through the imaginative worlds of C.S. Lewis.”


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