This is just the second in a new series of post swhere I tell about a resource related to C.S. Lewis that you don’t want to miss. My spotlight shines again on an entire Website. However, this one is very different than my debut choice. It’s a site created by Arend Smilde called LEWISIANA.NL. The last part of the name should be noted because unless you are following a direct link to the site you will not arrive at your desired destination. The reason for the unusual ending is the fact that the place is hosted in The Nederlands, where Arend resides. In fact, while the majority of the information at the site is in English, there are some in only Dutch and some in both English and Dutch.

When visiting the site you will immediately realize that it isn’t about to win any awards for being the fanciest destination online. However, what it lacks in visual appeal, it more than makes up in useful information. While not aimed at the casual Lewis admirer it does have helpful material on specific books (“Notes on…”) that any reader would find beneficial. These postings are actually mostly explanations of quotations and allusions used in the examined work. But there are many other pieces (nearly all by Arend); one I remember first reading was a summary of The Abolition of Man. Another favorite of mine is an selection that lists Lewis’s published shorter writings three ways: by book, chronologically and alphabetically. While there isn’t any regularly scheduled additions to the site, you will find that it will take you some time to consume what is already available.


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