No Expert on Prayer (CSLM-39)


What do you do when you strongly believe in prayer but you are all too aware that it’s still somewhat of a mystery to you? Write about it to a friend that doesn’t exist, of course!

Less than a year before he died, C.S. Lewis wrote Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer. It was published just a few months after he died. While Lewis had written many letters to others during his life (see #17) that touched on the subject of prayer, he never really felt he understood it enough to claim to be an authority.

Over ten years prior to Letters to Malcolm being published he spent two years attempting to address the subject. But once he came up with the idea of writing it to an imaginary person he was able to complete it in less than eight weeks. The result was 22 letters to a person that you find hard to believe doesn’t exist.

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