Lewis and Women Series (Dr. Crystal Hurd)

Lewis and Women

Many casual readers of C.S. Lewis believe that he disliked women and some of them even think that he “encouraged misogyny and the oppression of women.” That last view was something that Dr. Crystal Hurd ran into when she was defending her doctoral dissertation. This encounter is part of what lead her to write a series of articles about Lewis and women.  She began this project in May, 2013 and at the time of this posting is nearly finished.

Dr. Hurd provides useful background information for each subtopic she addresses in her series. Below you will find a direct link to each of the parts. Her website also contains other material on C.S. Lewis that you will want to check out as well. That link is a the end of the list. And if you link on the graphic above you will be taken to her site and a listing of the Lewis and women series is given as well.


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