The Oddest Inkling (Sørina Higgins)

The Oddest Inkling

Most who read the works of C.S. Lewis are aware that he spent many hours over the years with a group of friends known as the Inklings. Charles Williams was one of the central participants for a short period of time. He joined the group in 1939, but died unexpectedly in 1945. Although Lewis and Williams were friends for less than ten years, their relationship was very significant for Lewis.

Who was Charles Williams? If you are willing to believe Sørina Higgins, he was “The Oddest Inkling.” Why such a description?  She states, “He was a British poet, novelist, literary critic, editor, lecturer, biographer, Anglican Christian, and occult master. This strange mix makes him The Oddest Inkling…” That’s from her debut post from June 5th of last year; it also serves now as the introduction to her site.

Each week on Wednesdays (and sometimes more frequently) she posts about one of the many aspects of Williams’s life and work mentioned above. Last September she did a series about The Place of the Lion, one of Williams’s best novels. This eight-part series actually featured guest posts by others who had read the book and provided their reactions to it. When you visit the site, you are easily able to browse the most recent posts. Plus, you can also browse the posts by month or by topic. Just a few of those topics are: Arthuriana, Descent Into Hell, Inklings, Mysticism, Poetry, Romantic Theology and True Myth.



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