All About C S Lewis (Reggie Gates)

All About CSLewisThere are a variety of books available about the writings of C.S. Lewis (in addition to the biographies) and you can find a decent amount of material online about his life and writings. However, there are not too many audio based resources. One great FREE resource that has been around for nearly six years is called “All About C S Lewis.” Reggie Gates has been an enthusiast of Lewis’s writings for many decades and provides excellent podcast that are somewhat like what you make get from CliffsNotes, only it’s in audio.

Back in 2008 he began with an introductory show that dealt with a few topics, then went to his more typical programming where he focuses on a single book by Lewis.  He has done one show for each of the Narnia books, with the exception of The Last Battle, which he did in two parts. In fact, he has devoted multiple programs to other books, including Mere Christianity, The Four Loves and The Screwtape Letters. More recently he has done some shows on a single essay by Lewis. Each program usually runs about 30 minutes. While he may not do more than an average of six shows a year, they are a great summary or introduction to the subject they cover. I actually recorded a podcast in late 2011 with him on my All About Jack podcast.


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