Official C.S. Lewis Site (HarperCollins)

Harper Lewis Site


Would you believe it if I told you that C.S. Lewis, himself, actually had his own website? Technically speaking he does not, however, the publisher of most of his books, HarperColllins, does have a site. Of course, there are general limitations to it being a publisher’s site. The main one is the fact that it does exist solely to sell his books; which in and of itself actually isn’t so bad. As you can see from the picture above there are five main areas to the site (plus the traditional “home” button). For those already familiar with Lewis’s books I recommend going to the “BLOG” link. This area contains a large variety of articles about Lewis and his writings by a variety of Lewis scholars and enthusiasts that are very informative.

The remaining areas of the site are fairly strait forward. The “BOOKS” section provides a list of books HarperCollins sells. This is a long list that also provides several categories to browse. Recently, eBook versions of several older academic titles became available. The “ABOUT C.S. LEWIS” area provides a birth to death timeline that mostly focuses on his books. The “SOCIAL” part previews the latest posts from the official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + postings, along with links to the respective places. Finally, the “RESOURCES” section gives a list of various Lewis organizations from around the world that have online presences.


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