Joel Heck’s Lewis Site

Joel Heck WebsiteThere are many individuals who have a website devoted to C.S. Lewis. Some are actually by Lewis scholars, such as the one being featured today. It is by Joel Heck, who is Professor of Theology at Concordia University Texas. It was not difficult deciding whether or not to spotlight this one. While it may contain too many details for the average Lewis reader, Heck’s Chronologically Lewis has been an invaluable resource for me. It contains nearly a day-to-day summary of Lewis’s entire life. That resource is free, but he does have a simpler desktop any-year calendar you can buy.

You can see the main sections of Heck’s site in the picture at the left (and visit the site by clicking on it or the link below). If you have PowerPoint, or a compatible program or viewer then you will enjoy the many free presentations in the Outlines area for enhancing your enjoyment of a variety of Lewis’s works. The PowerPoint Tours gives you a glimpse, in pictures, of the many places Lewis lived and worked. The Outlines and Articles sections provides a variety of material in PDF, including (among other items) a chapter-by-chapter summary of Miracles and a useful overview of Lewis’s life in seven pages!



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