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Most are aware that in addition to Lewis’s landmark books, he wrote a lot of shorter works that were published in a variety of publications. One of those is a journal called Theology. Over a three year span (1939-41) he had ten pieces released there. Last year in honor of the 50th anniversary of his death the editors created a special page online for anyone to access PDF copies of all of those writings. They include four articles, three book reviews and three letters (correspondence). The most famous selection is the essay version of Lewis’s best sermon (and it was only his second), “The Weight of Glory.” Below is a complete list of what you can freely access. Follow the link below to read them (for select the picture above).


A Sacred Poem
April 1939, Volume 38, Issue 226.

Christianity and Culture
March 1940, Volume 40, Issue 237.

Peace Proposals for Brother Every and Mr Bethell
December 1940, Volume 41, Issue 246.

The Weight of Glory
November 1941, Volume 43, Issue 257.

Book Reviews

Review of A. C. Bouquet, A Lectionary of Christian Prose from the Second Century to the Twentieth Century
December 1939, Volume 39, Issue 234.

Review of D. de Rougemont, Passion and Society and Claude Chavasse, The Bride of Christ
June 1940, Volume 40, Issue 240.

Review of Dorothy Sayers, The Mind of the Maker
October 1941, Volume 43, Issue 256.

Correspondence (Letters)

The Conditions of a Just War
May 1939, Volume 38, Issue 227.

Christianity and Culture
June 1940, Volume 40, Issue 237.

The Conflict in Anglican Theology
November 1940, Volume 41, Issue 245.

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