Several fans sites for The Chronicles of Narnia started showing up prior to the released of the movie version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe back in 2005. One that has remained active over the years is While still its own site, it is also one of the featured partner sites of the Middle Earth Network (disclaimer: is also a featured partner and I have written articles on NarniaFans). As you might guess, NarniaFans does focus a great deal on the movies that have been released  of the Chronicles so far. However, there is also a variety of general Lewis information along with some related fantasy news from time to time.

When you visit the site (either by selecting the logo above or the link below), you will notice that there are several sections to explore in addition to the latest posts that you can preview as you scroll down the page. There is obviously a section devoted to the movies themselves, however the top navigational bar also includes other areas to explore. The first one, Forums, has many parts to it and provide the chance to discuss a variety of Lewis and Narnia topics. The Books section includes a fair amount of detail on the Narnia books along with brief details about other titles by Lewis. While you will want to explore all the static portions, the last I’ll mention is the Music section that contains six main categories with lyrics and links to just about every song related to Narnia or other Lewis material.


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