Annual C. S. Lewis Lecture (TN)

Annual Lewis Lecture TN

While there are a variety of places online to listen to audio lectures about the life and work of C.S. Lewis none that I’m aware of have a archive going back over 30 years. That’s the case for a annual lecture series held at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. While the site hasn’t obviously existed that long, it collects all the available recordings dating back to 1983 when the inaugural lecture was given by the Dr. Paul Holmer from Yale University.

As time of this posting the site does have several shortcomings. The audio only played well on Internet Explorer browser on my computer, but fortunately a quick check on my Android phone yielded no difficulty. Two other drawbacks are that you don’t get the title of the lecture, merely the name of the person speaking and while it is possible to download them, it is not setup to easily do this.

So, why am I including it anyway? Mostly because it contains a large variety of lectures about Lewis from a range of top speakers. Over the years it has included Dr. Lyle Dorsett  (1989), Ms. Marjorie L. Mead (1996), Douglas Gresham (1998), Dr. Peter Kreeft (2011) and just this year Ken Myers (of Mars Hill Audio). That last lecture was soon to be posted and you will notice that some years the audio file is missing.

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