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CSLewis FoundationI’m sure I could do a series of articles here about the C.S. Lewis Foundation website and not do justice in telling you about all the resources you can find that they have online. Beside their internet presence, they are known for hosting an event every other year called Oxbridge and they own and operate The Kilns, the home Lewis lived in for nearly half his life. While some of the navigational subsections are duplicated under the main sections, as noted, they still have a good deal of material online.

Next to their ABOUT section, is a C.S. LEWIS area that includes subsections with a timeline of his life, a collection of study guides to some of his works and two places of links to other Lewis resources. Under their resources and contact section is a useful “Frequently Asked Questions” area. Finally, among the other links on their site is one called PROGRAMS that detail a variety of ventures that currently have or are planning.

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