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Lewis BlogA couple of months ago I featured HarperCollins’s site they manage online at CSLewis.com. One of the areas I mentioned was BLOG section that contains a large variety of articles by either Lewis scholars or enthusiasts. This area use to be a standalone site until late last year and has been posting essays for nearly seven years. While it is easy to navigate the site (you can browse by year, author or topic) I wanted to highlight a few older articles that you might not come across too quickly by those methods:

How C. S. Lewis “Prefutes” Stephen Hawking – From 2010, this piece by Dr. David Downing is a response to the (then) recent article by physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow where they explain “Why God Did Not Create the Universe.” Downing shares from several of Lewis’s works where he provides answers to the central claims they make.

Learning In War-Time – Dr. Joel Heck provides a useful summary of an essay by Lewis that was first a sermon (and the debut one from Lewis) given 75 years ago this year. 

Dispelling Myths about C. S. Lewis – Some believe that Lewis gave up defending the after a 1948 debate, but Dr. Jerry Root explains why this isn’t true.

A Review of The Narnia Code – Here Dr. Charlie Starr shares why Dr. Michael Ward’s adaptation of Planet Narnia (a scholarly work) translates well in a more popular style.

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