Welcome New Email Subscribers

Many of you receiving this email are getting this for the first time. If that is you, you previously signed up to get my notifications from C.S. Lewis Minute. Updates to that blog are not as frequent as are on my EssentialCSLewis.com site (which is where this email is coming from).

I decided to add you to this EssentialCSLewis.com notifications because of the fact that it is more frequently updated. You will still get the (more occasional)  messages from C.S. Lewis Minute and can quit either at any time. If you don’t want these messages from EssentialCSLewis.com you can click the link below that allows you to end them.

If you have any trouble accomplishing that, or want me to manually do it for you, contact me via email: lewisminute@gmail.com.

William O’Flaherty





  1. Will enjoy this Lewis site!