Inklings Forever (C.S. Lewis & Friends)

Taylor - Inklings Forever - Lewis and FriendsSince 1997 Taylor University has held The Frances White Ewbank Colloquium on C.S. Lewis & Friends nearly every two years (they skipped 2003). In addition to having great guest speakers over the years, this meeting also provides the opportunity for individuals to present a twenty minute address. Then, not long after the event, the corresponding papers based on those shorter talks are printed in a volume called INKLINGS FOREVER. Plus, nearly all of those essays are available online for free!

Over the years these papers have included well known Lewis scholars, like Dr. Bruce Edwards (who will be at the 2014 event), Dr. Joel Heck and Marjorie Lamp Mead, who were all at the first event in 1997. In addition to following the links provided in this article already you can find more material by visiting the other year here:

Inklings Forever Vol. VIII – 2012

Inklings Forever Vol. VII – 2010

Inklings Forever Vol. VI – 2008

Inklings Forever Vol. V – 2006

Inklings Forever Vol. IV – 2004

Inklings Forever Vol. III – 2001

Inklings Forever Vol. II – 1999

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