Desiring God 2013 Lewis Conference FREE Media

Desiring God 2013 Conf SpotlightThere were more than a few events in 2013 to celebrate the life of C.S. Lewis during the 50th anniversary year of his death. One of them was hosted by Dr. John Piper’s Desiring God Ministries. However, they are only one that I’m aware of that not only did FREE live streaming of their conference, but has ALSO made them freely available afterwards.

“The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life & Imagination in the Works of C.S. Lewis” was the name of their event and you can view all the videos of each session, seminar and even their “small talks” (ten-minute mini-sessions) by selecting the picture above.  You can also listen to them in audio or even download the audio.

Additionally, the list below tells you the names of the sessions and gives a direct link to each of them.

UPDATE: A book version is scheduled for release in late September!

Main Sessions


Small Talks (10-minute messages)

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