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Late last year C.S. Lewis was honored in a memorial service at Westminster Abby in Poets’ Corner. While I did previously mention it in a post, I realized that many might not have seen it due to the nature of blogs and felt it definitely worthy of being in this spotlight section. However, unlike most of these posts, which feature a special page or website, this feature is more of a collection of links related to the event.

However, the first link is actually a collection that was posted by Sara at Thoroughly Alive, C.S. Lewis at Westminster Abbey: A Roundup of Links. It was posted early December last year (2013). My previous post came out just before the event itself, so even though I’m sharing the links below be sure to check out Sara’s piece for an even further perspective. Please note that some of the audio link below may be available for a short time (or no long available).

If you know of any other items that should have been included you can give them below in the comment section!


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