C. S. Lewis Symposium (Three Videos)

I’ve previously mentioned several times that Lewis was honored in Poets’ Corner in 2013. One fact that you may not have been aware of was that the day before this occurred there were three meetings that were part of a symposium to help celebrate his legacy. Those events from November 21st were filmed by Lunar Firm and the videos are now released by a group called Christian Evidence with permission from the Westminster Abbey Institute. They are as follows with a link that enables you to watch the video from this post:

Part One – Telling the Truth Through Rational Argument (Dr. Alister McGrath)

Features Dr. Alister McGrath speaking for about a 45 minutes and then there is nearly a fifteen minute Q & A segment after it.

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Part Two – Telling the Truth Through Imaginative Fiction (Dr. Malcolm Guite)

Features Dr. Malcolm Guite speaking for about 45 minutes as well with a Q & A segment that lasts fifteen minutes.

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Part Three – PANEL DISCUSSION: What Can 21st Century Apologetics Learn from C.S. Lewis?

Dr. Michael Ward leads this panel discussion with novelist Jeanette Sears, theologian Judith Wolfe, and apologists William Lane Craig, Peter S. Williams, and Michael Ramsden. It concludes with Dr. Don King reading a poem by C.S. Lewis.


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