C.S. Lewis’s Hidden Hatred of Males

Hatre MenThose who falsely claim that C.S. Lewis didn’t like women have missed the gender than he secretly hated: MALES! That’s correct, hidden very deep within the writings of C.S. Lewis you will discover a hatred that is so concealed that only my carefully skilled abilities have been able to uncover the shocking truth.

I don’t expect you to accept my word on this delicate matter…so, I’ll reveal what my findings have been so far (undoubtedly there is more yet to be discovered). What follows is a list of characters Lewis created along with a short explanation as to why it proves my point.

  • Edmund Pevensie – in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Edmund is the villainous traitor whose deeds result in the death of Aslan.

  • Eustace Scrubb – introduced as a self-centered and spoiled child who is so greedy that he is turned into a dragon.

  • Shift – a MALE talking ape who is ugly, greedy and a manipulating liar who convinces Puzzle the donkey to pretend to be Aslan.

  • Puzzle – an easily manipulated MALE donkey that comes across as always being confused.

  • Professor Weston – in Perelandra he is possessed by a demon.

  • “The Head” of N.I.C.E. – the National Institute of Coordinated Experiments, an evil organization, is literally led by “the head” of François Alcasan, a MALE scientist (he had no body).

  • King Trom – the King of Glome in Till We Have Faces is a hotheaded guy ruled by his coarse passions. His poor parenting resulted in his daughter Psyche being sacrificed to a monster, the Shadowbrute. He also gave his other daughter, Orual, such poor self-esteem that she covered her face as a result.

  • The Great Divorce – “one of the great ones” in heaven is Sara Smith, a woman.

  • The Screwtape Letters – all the key demons mentioned are male.

After all why would Lewis show these characters in such a negative light, or a female in the most positive way, unless he secretly hated men? I could go on, but I actually haven’t had the time to do any further research. That’s because I’ve recently been busy trying to figure out how many characters in the Bible were pigeon toed. It’s actually a project that has plagued me for years since learning about the secret from Isaac Air Freight.


  1. Great job.

  2. Right you are. Both claims are foolish.

  3. Carolyn Curtis /

    This is so hilarious!!! And original, William. What fun!


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