C.S. Lewis Institute YouTube Channel

CSLI - YouTubeThere are nearly an endless variety of free videos on  just about any subject online. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look for them. One of the reasons I enjoy sharing about other places online to find material on C.S. Lewis is that you might not know where they are. Which is why I’m highlighting these videos from the C.S. Lewis Institute.

The C.S. Lewis Institute has more than the four video series I’m spotlighting, so be sure to check their other offerings. The ones I’m focusing on are about three that deal with Lewis’s books and one on a book about Lewis. They are as follows:

C.S. Lewis’s Case for Christ, an interview with Dr. Art Lindsley
These are seven videos that are 11-15 minutes each on Lindsley’s book C.S. Lewis’s Case for Christ.

Mere Christianity (Dr. Christopher Mitchell)
Here are eight videos that are 30 mintues or less each that are eight lectures on Mere Christianity and given by the late Dr. Christopher Mitchell.

Letters to Malcolm (Marjorie Lamp Mead)
This is a lecture series of six videos that are 30-40 minutes each about Letters to Malcolm. It is given by Marj Mead from the Wade Center.

The Screwtape Letters (Dr. Jerry Root)
Dr. Jerry Root teaches at Wheaton College. These videos are lectures on The Screwtape Letters and are 33-39 minutes each.