Top 3 Resource Spotlights So Far

I’ve decided to do a recap this time and present the top three resources so far (excluding the most recent post), based on the number of page views here. So, while I want you check out all the sites I’ve spotlighted, you don’t want to miss these that have been the most popular. They are C. S. Lewis Symposium, A Pilgrim in Narnia and Joel Heck’s Lewis Site.

CS Lewis Symposium#1: C. S. Lewis Symposium (Three Videos)

This is a collection of three excellent films from last year’s meetings before Lewis was honored in Poets’ Corner. Those events from November 21st were filmed by Lunar Firm and the videos were only recently released by a group called Christian Evidence with permission from the Westminster Abbey Institute.

  • Part One – Telling the Truth Through Rational Argument (Dr. Alister McGrath)
  • Part Two – Telling the Truth Through Imaginative Fiction (Dr. Malcolm Guite)
  • Part Three – PANEL DISCUSSION: What Can 21st Century Apologetics Learn from C.S. Lewis?

A Pilgrim in Narnia#2: A Pilgrim in Narnia (Brenton Dickieson)

Brenton Dickieson is the mastermind behind A Pilgrim in Narnia where he posts a large variety of content related to C.S. Lewis. Since posting this site when I debuted this feature the first week of January he has done more than a few new posts to check out with a Lewis theme, including:

  • The Fictional Universe of Narnia
  • Two Different Prefaces to C.S. Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength”
  • C.S. Lewis Really Should Have Seen it Coming: More On the Dangers of Reading.

Joel Heck Website#3: Joel Heck’s Lewis Site

There are many individuals who have a website devoted to C.S. Lewis, but few are by Lewis scholars. This one by Joel Heck, who is Professor of Theology at Concordia University Texas is one of the best.  You can see the main sections of Heck’s site in the picture at the left (and visit the site by clicking on it or the link below). If you have PowerPoint, or a compatible program or viewer then you will enjoy the many free presentations in the Outlines area for enhancing your enjoyment of a variety of Lewis’s works. The PowerPoint Tours gives you a glimpse, in pictures, of the many places Lewis lived and worked. The Outlines and Articles sections provides a variety of material in PDF, including (among other items) a chapter-by-chapter summary of Miracles and a useful overview of Lewis’s life in seven pages!