New Associate Editors for Sehnsucht

SehnsuchtNew Associate Editors for Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal

The Arizona C. S. Lewis Society is pleased to welcome on board Bruce Edwards, Diana Glyer, and Arend Smilde as the new Associate Editors of Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal. Together, they represent a significant body of scholarly achievement in the field of Lewis-related studies. They will join returning Associate Editor Jim Helfers (Grand Canyon University) in the role of assessing proposed articles for the peer-reviewed publication. Outgoing General Editor Grayson Carter (Fuller Seminary Southwest) has graciously agreed to become part of the advisory Editorial Board, filling the opening left by the untimely passing of Chris Mitchell. Former Associate Editor Bruce R. Johnson has assumed the role of General Editor.

“I am very grateful for the able leadership of our founding General Editor,” said Johnson. “Grayson established a high standard of scholarship for Sehnsucht. The fact that we are now able to attract so many capable Lewis scholars in this common effort speak volumes about his contribution to the advancement of Lewis Studies.”

Dr. Bruce L. Edwards is Professor Emeritus of English & Africana Studies at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. He is the author of numerous books and articles, and was the editor of the four-volume reference work, C. S. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy (2008). In addition, Dr. Edwards is the editor of the online journalThe C. S. Lewis Review (

Dr. Diana Pavlac Glyer is a professor of English at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California ( She has published extensively on Lewis, Tolkien, and the Inklings. She is the recipient of the Wade Center’s Clyde S. Kilby Research Grant (1997), APU’s Chase A. Sawtell Inspirational Teaching Award (2002), and The Mythopoeic Society Scholarship Award (2008). She is best known for her book The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien as Writers in Community(2008).

Mr. Arend Smilde is a writer, editor, and antiquarian bookseller at Aquila Trajectina inUtrecht, The Netherlands. Besides translating Lewis and other authors into Dutch, his footnotes identifying quotes and clarifying phrases found in the published works of C. S. Lewis has been made available online in English ( His website is an invaluable tools for other Lewis translators and researchers worldwide.

The rest of the Executive Body for Sehnsucht includes returning Review Editor Sørina Higgins (Signum University), returning Poetry Editor Brett Foster (Wheaton College), and new Assistant Editor Megan Johnson. The name of an additional Assistant Editor will be forthcoming. Further information on Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal is available at or by contacting Dr. Bruce R. Johnson