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DianaGlyer (website)If you have explored the places I’ve highlighted since the beginning of the year you’ve probably noticed many Lewis scholars have websites. Some have material just on Lewis, or like the one this time, they have other material in addition to the content related to Lewis. While Dr. Diana Glyer has more than Lewis information than I’ll spotlight here, that just points to the importance of exploring the rest of her site.

Several years ago Glyer contributed to a book where she provided a bibliography of every book-length study of C.S. Lewis.  Listed as a main heading on her site as C.S. Lewis Bibliography, this area (as she notes on the page) has a goal of providing “a brief description of the content and also a sense of the quality and importance of (the) book.”

Tollers and Jack is the only other area I’m highlighting. It contains a collection of research papers from students in one of her classes. The papers examine the “different ways that Lewis and Tolkien connected.” It was originally compiled to be published as a book, but when no publisher was found Glyer decided to make it available on her site. A couple of the chapter titles are “Christlikeness in The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Stimulations of the Imagination in Children Through Fairy Stories.”

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