Book ABOUT The Screwtape Letters Coming March 2016

Time-Cover-227x300.jpgThe Screwtape Letters was the first book from C.S. Lewis that was a best seller. Yet, more than likely if a person is only familiar with three books by Lewis, it is The Chronicles of Narnia (any of the seven books), Mere Christianity and THEN The Screwtape Letters. This is interesting to me because it was The Screwtape Letters that led to him being on the cover of Time on September 8, 1947 before those books were published!

I had read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe first and my second book was The Screwtape Letters. While I enjoy the former and I read Mere Chrisitanity next and loved it, my favorite Lewis book has always been The Screwtape Letters. Knowing the book is satire and very humorous through-out, there was still a lot of profound truths I learned from it. I remember also benefiting a great deal from a paperback edition I had in the 1980’s that featured a small study guide in the back that was prepared by Walter Hooper and Owen Barfield. It helped me enjoyed the book itself even more.

FB CoverThat’s the reaction I hope others will have with my forthcoming book I’ve written about The Screwtape Letters. Over the years I’ve seen many study guides and/or aides that have been useful, but felt something MORE was needed. In addition to having a study guide with answers (a feature that most material I’ve seen did not), the most unique aspect I provide is a topical index to themes mentioned in the book. This includes topics found in the follow-up essay “Screwtape Proposes at Toast” that was published in the December 19, 1959 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.

My book will not be published until March, 2016, but you can learn more about it by requesting a free 20 page PDF sample of it. You can also pre-order the book, and if you do it before its published it will come to you autographed! Click on the picture below to learn how to do either:

NOTE: This is NOT the final cover.

NOTE: This is NOT the final cover.