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Get a chance to win a copy of C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell: A Companion and Study Guide to The Screwtape Letters. This is the debut release by William O’Flaherty coming out in March, 2016.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO ENTER is simply leave a comment below about ANY fact OR question about The Screwtape Letters.

Deadline to enter is Thursday, December 24, 2015 at noon EST. *NOTE: Only open to those living in the U.S. or Canada.

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  1. Caroline /

    I have always loved The Screwtape Letters *and* all of Lewis’ works. I have 2 versions of it on audio – the one with Andy Serkis and one with John Cleese are both outstanding!!

    • How.does one obtain the audios?

      • William OFlaherty /

        The one with Andy Serkis is from Focus on the Family and is an adaptation and places like Amazon has it. The one with John Cleese is out of print last I heard, but can be found on YouTube.

  2. Lewis is one of the finest contemporary authors of our time, you can read him for a quality simple story or dissect his work and go on a soul searching journey.

  3. Josh Jacobs /

    Next to the Bible, The Screwtape Letters has influenced my thinking as a Christian more than any other book. The 8th letter in The Screwtape Letters continues to feed my soul. I remember my first encounter with Screwtape’s description of the Law of Undulation and the impact it made. This quote from that letter hangs in my office as a steady reminder (I bet Screwtape didn’t see this coming:-)

    ….Our cause is nevermore in danger than when a human, no longer desiring, but still intending, to do our Enemies will, looks round upon a universe from which every trace of him seems to have vanished, and asked why he has been forsaken, and still obeys…

    Powerful and profound.

  4. The first time I read about Screwtape turning into a multi-appendaged arthropod, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!

    Looking forward to this study guide as our reading group looks ahead to the fall of 2016.

  5. Janet L. Flowers /

    The Screwtape Letters nailed human nature perfectly.

  6. What image is the name Screwtape supposed to suggest?

  7. It’s such an interesting view on gluttony, that I wonder if his view of other sins are uniquely expanded.

  8. Thank you, William, for shedding more light on The Screwtape Letters with your upcoming book, cleverly titled C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell–that certainly is how Lewis himself might have described the writing process, but of course, he right away would have said he was exaggerating! Do you have a favorite Screwtape Letter in terms of applicability to 21st century life? Anyone else want to weigh in on that? I’ll allow myself the luxury of 4 choices: Letter 1 on Jargon Not Reason, Letter 12 on the Safest Road to Hell, Letter 21 on Sense of Ownership, and Letter 25 on Christianity And.

  9. Deborah /

    Did Uncle screw tape really devour nephew? It would nice to think that Satan could himself out of existence.

  10. Tom Perry /

    Screwtape is a liar, and it is important to remember that his word cannot be trusted, not even when he talks about his views.

  11. Adam Dean /

    What was C.S.Lewis’s inspiration for TSL?

  12. Peter Burgers /

    Is hell only open to those living in the U.S. or Canada too?

    • William OFlaherty /

      Thanks you for asking. Yes, Hell has its financial issues, too. But if enough people pre-order the book then another giveaway will be done that is open worldwide. Even Hell has to be a good financial steward! 🙂

  13. Jared Lobdell /

    The Mother of the “Patient” in SCREWTAPE (“the sharp-tongued old lady at breakfast time”) is very likely a picture of Mrs. Moore as CSL saw her at the time

  14. Dawn Hennessy /

    I am looking forward to this study guide; this would make a great series for our small group. I will look for the audio version of The Screwtape Letters.

    • William OFlaherty /

      Glad to hear you are looking forward to it. I see from other information that you requested the free 20 page PDF sample. I hope you enjoy it.
      Others reading this: if you want that same FREE sample then go to

  15. Mark Roberts /

    My random comments are (1) the staging of Screwtape with Max MacClean is awesome and worth seeing and (2) the names for the demons in Screwtape like Glubose and Slubgob are awesome. Six demons are named beside Screwtape and Wormwood. Can you name them all?

  16. Jenny DUva /

    I really don’t like that Screwtape refers to Satan as “Our Father” as only God can be a creator/father. Satan didn’t father the demons, though I can understand the demons may want to steal some of God’s glory here and apply it to their leader and Lewis wanted a parallel. But, I really think Lewis made an error here, if I may be so bold going up against such a genius, but I would have much preferred that Lewis used “Our Master” instead. It would have been a better descriptor of their relationship. (And it would have given that wonderful Renfield/Igor flavor to it.)

    • Jared Lobdell /

      If Lewis were writing as Lewis one would expect (and get) the truth — but Screwtape, like all devils, is a liar and the word “Father” is one of his lies. Right?

  17. William OFlaherty /


    Thanks to all who entered. An email has been sent to the random winner.


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