(CCSLQ-25) – Doubt Your Value

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Doubt Your Value

“You doubt your value, don’t run from who you are.”

Everybody enjoy statements that are encouraging. The quotation seen above, however self-affirming it is, fits a lot more with our culture today than that way Lewis would state something. Isolate this quote could mean a variety of things. It’s actually found in the movie version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader as part of a dialogue between Aslan and Lucy.

In the context of the movie the sentiment is meaningful. Lucy is doubting herself and has just said (again in the movie, not the book) “I just want to be beautiful like Susan.” After a little more conversation (once Lucy has apologized) is when the above quotation is said (once again, in the movie, not the book). So, when you recall the context there is a better understanding that such a statement means people shouldn’t wish to be someone else because they believe another is more valuable than them. Thus, it’s a good message to be remind to accept one’s uniqueness. Yet, when this quotation is isolated it opens the door to it being interpreted differently.

You read more about this quote, its meaning and context over at Finding Security in Him website at their article Don’t Run From Who You Are.

The next quote examined is:

“You can’t know. You can only believe – or not.”

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Updated 7/9/2016