C.S. Lewis Retreat 2012 Panel Discussion pt. 1 (2016r)

csl-foundation-2012-panel-pt1The following is the first of a two-part panel discussion from the 2012 C.S. Lewis Foundation Retreat where the theme was about The Great Divorce. A variety questions were covered (see list below) by the panel. Members of the panel were Joseph Pearce, Louis Markos, Diana Glyer,
Andrew Lazo, and Doug Jackson. I (William O’Flaherty) was the moderator. After hearing the voice of C.S. Lewis and the panel introduce themselves, the following questions are addressed:

1. Most surprising fact about Lewis
2. Lewis on End Times/Jews
3. Why the Characters in The Great Divorce are Greeted by Those Who Greet Them
4. Does Lewis Address “Calling Down Heaven?”


Listen to CSL Retreat Panel, pt 1  – 2016r


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