75th Anniversary of The Screwtape Letters BOOK

75th Book AnniversaryToday (February 9th) marks the 75th anniversary of the book version of The Screwtape Letters. As you might be aware, it was first published weekly in 1941, but 1942 was when the title was released in the U.K. (it came out in the U.S. in 1943). It’s no secret that The Screwtape Letters is my favorite book from C.S. Lewis.

To honor this special anniversary I’ve collected a variety of content I previous created to help you be reminded of why the material is so good.

Most recently I began a short-term podcast series called “200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis.” So far I’ve done three shows:

Last summer I visited Oxford for the first time and made an interesting discovery:

bookcover-shutterfly3In addition to the short series, “200 Seconds” I’ve done several other podcasts related to Screwtape. The first two are from talks I did on it in 2016. Then the next two are talks from Brenton Dickieson, followed by an essay chat that Brenton did with me about “Screwtape Proposes a Toast” that came out in 1959.

In addition to considering my enhanced study guide on The Screwtape Letters (click on the picture above on the right or the picture below to learn more about it), there’s another book you may want that I spoke with Paul McCusker about:

Next, I can’t help reminding you about my interview with Max McLean about his masterful Screwtape production:

Finally, to help you recall how great The Screwtape Letters is, consider checking out a couple of podcasts I did last year to highlight the initial weekly release of the letters in 1941 by having a variety of people tell why they like the book so much: