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“The fact that our heart yearns for something Earth can’t supply
is proof that Heaven must be our home.”

As has been noted with several quotes in this series, just because you enjoy an expression it doesn’t make it any less meaningful because C.S. Lewis didn’t write it. Here is another quotation that expresses a thought that is very meaningful regardless of who wrote it. However, it is not in any of Lewis’ writings. At best it is a paraphrase of ideas found in his works.

Presently I don’t know when this quote first circulated, but I do know who to be disappointed with about spreading it recently. On March 16, 2017 singer Chris Tomlin shared it on what appears as an official page on Facebook. Additionally, author Dr. Paul Meier included it on page 90 of his 2015 book Experiencing God Outside the Box. Finally, a 2016 collection of devotions from Our Daily Bread entitled Heaven had it on page 61. Doesn’t anyone ever check sources?

Speaking of sources, having said it was a paraphrase of something Lewis wrote, then where is the original? If you are familiar with his writings, then you know that he wrote a lot about desire and yearning. His spiritual autobiography, Surprised By Joy is just one place. The sermon, “The Weight of Glory,” also touches on the issue. However, the likely source for this questionable quotation is actually found in Mere Christianity. In book three, chapter ten, entitled “Hope” is this:

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

Something interesting about the sharing of the fake quote is an exchange found in one of the groups on Facebook devoted to discussing Lewis. After it was posted there another person questioned the quotation and the one who shared it become very defensive. They wrote, “What does it matter if I found a paraphrased version of the actual quote?!! I just posted it like I said because it IS a quote from C.S. Lewis…I just didn’t know it was paraphrased!!!”

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