(PODCAST) Exploring C.S. Lewis Misquotes and Misconceptions – Episode 1

If you have been on social media over the last few years then you have probably seen a quotation attributed to Lewis from someone that you wondered if he actually wrote. That happen to me time and time again; so much that I began to collect them as I researched whether or not Lewis wrote the quote in question. That led to a blog series examining each quotation (see link below). More recently I began collecting information related to the life of Lewis and his writings that are misunderstood and started a blog series on this (link also below). This led me to considering what you now see, the first of a six-part episode chatting about these topics. This initial show provides an overview of all the subjects address in the other programs. Guest host for today is Dr. Crystal Hurd. 


Listen to C.S. Lewis Misquotes and Misconceptions 01





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