Exploring C.S. Lewis Misquotes and Misconceptions (Podcast Recap)

updated 10/14/17

The following is the easiest way to locate the six part podcast series Exploring C.S. Lewis Misquotes and Misconceptions. This series is a companion to my Confirming Quotations and Correcting Misconceptions blog posts.

Just click on the picture of the episode you want to hear and it will take you to the podcast site to listen to it.


Episode 1 – General introduction to the series that provides an overview to all of the material.











Episode 2 – Explores quotations falsely attributed to Lewis
(first of two-part)








Episode 3– Continues examining quotes NOT by Lewis
(second of two-part)










Episode 4
– Explores quotes ALMOST by Lewis and NOT QUITE by Lewis









Episode 5
– Explores MISCONCEPTIONS about Lewis









Episode 6
– Explores an additional MISCONCEPTION about Lewis and REVIEWS entire series