Beyond the Shadowlands (Wayne Martindale)

Beyond the ShadowlandsIf you spoke with ten people about the topic of Heaven and Hell you were likely get more than a dozen viewpoints! C.S. Lewis wrote a lot on the issue through-out his nonfiction and fictional works. In Beyond the Shadowlands, Dr. Wayne Martindale details Lewis’s views on the subject in an easy to read format. Dr. Martindale is a professor of English at Wheaton College, Illinois and was also involved in The Quotable Lewis and The Soul of C.S. Lewis.

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C.S. Lewis Institute Summer Conference 2016

CSLI 2016 Summer ConferenceThe following is a conversation with Dr. Joel Woodruff of C.S. Lewis Institute. He is the president of that organization. The focus of the show is on their upcoming conference that will be held at the Wade Center at Wheaton College June 26th – 30th. The theme is on “The Spiritual Formation of C.S. Lewis.” The plenary speaker is Dr. Lyle Dorsett. Other speakers include Dr. Jerry Root, Dr. Wayne Martindale and Marjorie Lamp Mead. Dr. Root and Dr. Martindale have previously been on All About Jack.


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2015 Recap, Part One


2015 Recap Part ONE2015 was a busier year than even last year for releasing brand new shows, or episodes that had never been posted on the AAJ hosting location. Nearly 40 shows fall under that category, as I released an average of more than one show a week when you count re-releases. In this first of a two-part recap of new shows from 2015 I briefly describe them and then for most of them I provide a link below so you can hear the entire podcast if they sound interesting to you.


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Summary of 2015 New Podcasts

Here are a few of the podcast that were new in 2015 (more to be added later):

Beyond the Shadowlands w/ Dr. Wayne Martindale

The C.S. Lewis Collection (Logos Bible Software)

Seven Literary Sages (Christian History Magazine)

The Oxford Inklings (Dr. Colin Duriez)

The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis (Dr. Jerry Root)

Not Quite Lewis – Questionable Lewisian Quotations (William O’Flaherty)

Glyer and Root – CSLIS 2015 Panel Discussion (Part One)

Glyer and Root – CSLIS 2015 Panel Discussion (Part Two)

Inklings Fellowship Panel w/ Colin Duriez and others

CSL – Life, Works and Legacy pt. 1 w/ Dr. Bruce Edwards 

CSL – Life, Works and Legacy pt. 2 w/ Dr. Bruce Edwards

2013 Biographies Discussion pt. 1 w/ Charlie Starr and others 

2013 Biographies Discussion pt. 2 w/ Crystal Hurd and others

A Naked Tree/Yet One More Spring (Don King) 

Discussing Mere Christianity (Devin Brown)

Women & C.S. Lewis (Carolyn Curtis)

Joy (biography on wife of Lewis)


CSL – Life, Works and Legacy pt. 2 (Dr. Bruce Edwards)

CSL Life Works Legacy pt 2This is the second of a two-part interview that William O’Flaherty had with Dr. Bruce Edwards about C.S. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy, a four-volume set of books that came out in 2007. It a title many are unaware of because its main target is libraries. However, there are frequently used copies available from Amazon that are reasonably priced (see link below). In this final chat about this invaluable work, Dr. Edwards focuses on the last two volumes. The third deals with Lewis as “Apologist, Philosopher, and Theologian” and the final book explores  Lewis as “Scholar, Teacher, and Public Intellectual.”


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pt. 2 Interview