2nd Dr. David Downing Interview

2nd Dr. David Downing Interview

(The Most Reluctant Convert)

This is the second interview with Dr. David Downing. He is a professor of English at Elizabethtown College. In this interview the focus is on a detailed exploration about his 2002 book The Most Reluctant Convert: C.S. Lewis’s Journey to Faith.

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C. S. Lewis’s List (David Werther)

CSL List (David Werther)Lewis was influenced by many people and also by books from various authors. Late in his life he was asked “What books did most to shape your vocational attitude and your philosophy of life?” His answer to this was published in the June 6, 1962 issue of The Christian Century. While it could be debatable to call this his all-time top ten, it is interesting to consider them. In fact, that’s what C.S. Lewis’s List does, it examines each of the ten books. This title is the result of a conference held in 2012 where ten different speakers spoke on one of the books in Lewis’s list. Editors David and Susan Werther took the content and worked with the authors to create the resulting book. Many of the contributors have been a guest on All About Jack before and are noted below. William O’Flaherty spoke with David Werther recently to discuss this book that is new for 2015. 


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Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal (Dr. Bruce Johnson)

Sehnsucht 2013-14As this podcast episode is releasing the latest issue of a publication called Sehnsucht is shipping soon. I spoke with Dr. Bruce Johnson a few months ago before unexpected delays meant the combined Volume 7/8 would not come out until this month. Bruce discusses the regular features found in each issue of Sehnsucht along with articles by Dr. David Downing and Dr. Don King that is in this latest issue. Also learn about the Arizona C.S. Lewis Society, the group that publishes Sehnsucht.

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QUIZ: October 21, 2013

The names of characters in Narnia include every letter in the alphabet except one letter; what letter is missing?
(submitted by David Downing)

Answer (Click to SEE)

2015 Recap, Part Two

2015 Recap Part TWOThis is the second of a two-part show reflecting on the new podcasts I posted in 2015. As noted previously, last year was very busy …almost 40 new shows (or never available via AAJ) were released. In this final recap for last year I finish out my reflection on the remaining programs not covered in the previous episode. Speaking of, if you haven’t heard it then be sure to listen. A direct link is provided below. As I did last time, I briefly describe the new shows and then for most of them I provide an excerpt from it. Plus, below you will find direct links to hear the entire podcast of those shows.


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