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Christian World Hobbit (series 2015 repost)In late 2012 I initially released a short series of podcasts based on a book by Dr. Devin Brown entitled The Christian World of The Hobbit. At the time the none of three movies on The Hobbit had been released. Fast forward to now and (at the time of this posting) we are less than a month away from the final extended version of the last movie.

Because of this fact I felt it would be good to highlight these shows, along with the single interview I did with Dr. Brown before the five-part mini-series. In these programs he answers questions from myself (William O’Flaherty) and Sorina Higgins about his book that does a good job at of highlighting Christian elements in The Hobbit without seeing something Christian “under every stone.” Each program is 15-20 minutes long and cover each of the chapters in his book.

#1. “An ‘Essentially’ Christian Story”

#2. “Providence in The Hobbit”

#3. “Purpose in The Hobbit”

#4. “The Moral Landscape in The Hobbit”

#5. “Response and Legacy”

SINGLE INTERVIEW on The Christian World of The Hobbit

If you desire a quick overview of what the book is like, then try this SINGLE INTERVIEW first done with Dr. Brown. 


Discussing Mere Christianity (Dr. Devin Brown)

Discussing Mere ChristianitySaying Mere Christianity is a book that has influence millions of people would not only be obvious, but also an understatement! Yet, despite it’s nearly universal appeal, there are those who have difficulty “getting into it.” This might be because the material is over 70 years old (they were first radio talks in the 1940’s) and they were mostly aimed at a British audience. That was part of the motivation behind the creation of Discussing Mere Christianity that is available as an eight-part video and study guide (each can be purchased separately or together). The DVD is hosted by Eric Metaxas and the study guide was written by Dr. Devin Brown. While not an in-depth study, it focuses on key aspects of Lewis’s landmark book. Various experts lead the actual sessions that are just under 25 minutes. They are Dr. Alister McGrath, Dr. Jerry Root, Philip Yancey, Dr. Diana Glyer, Dr. Joseph Pearce and Dr. Devin Brown.


Listen to Discussing Mere Christianity Inteview


Tolkien (Dr. Devin Brown)

Tolkien (Devin Brown)Dr. Devin Brown is back with another book about C.S. Lewis’s (more famous) friend, J.R.R. Tolkien. This one is a brief biography simply called Tolkien. At the time I’m releasing this podcast, the final part of the movie version of The Hobbit will be out in a few weeks. Learn, or be reminded of, the interesting story of how Tolkien went from being “an obscure Oxford Professor” to “become the most beloved author of the century.” 

Listen to Tolkien Interview 


The Christian World of The Hobbit Series (Re-post)

Christian World Hobbit (series 2015 repost)Back in late 2012 I released a five-part mini-series about a book that had just come out called The Christian World of the The Hobbit by Dr. Devin Brown. This was before the first of three movies hit the big screen. Now that the final major motion picture is coming out in three months I thought it would be a great time to re-post the entire series. As you may recall, or realize, this book is NOT about the movie, but The Hobbit itself.  Finally, my thanks to Sørina Higgins who was guest co-host for this mini-series.



Listen to Episode 1


Listen to Episode 2


Listen to Episode 3


Listen to Episode 4


Listen to Episode 5



Revised 1/28/16

The Silver Chair Movie Revised (2016)

Silver Chair Movie 2016 UPDATEIt’s been several years (2103) since the first official news came stating a new Narnia movie will be made and it will be The Silver Chair. Early this month (August 2016) news came that makes it 90% certain that it will be a reality. This podcast discusses the latest news (links below to stories) and explores what this information means and gives educated guesses on when The Silver Chair will make it to the silver screen. Guest for this show are Dr.  Devin Brown, Paul Martin and Brian Carnell (aka Glumpuddle). 


Listen to The Silver Chair Movie Revised (2016)