C.S. Lewis as Theologian (Dr. Don Williams)

Lewis as Theologian (Williams Talk 2014)The focus of this podcast is a talk that Dr. Donald Williams gave recently that was a paper presented at Taylor University earlier this year as part of the 9th Frances White Ewbank Colloquium on C.S. Lewis & Friends. Dr. Williams explores the challenges faced when consider Lewis as a theologian. The material is the ground work for a book he is working and in it he share why such an examination is needed.

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Deeper Magic (Dr. Donald T. Williams)

While C.S. Lewis is known for being outspoken about his Christian faith, it’s difficult to find specifics about what he believed in some aspects of Theology. This is not unusual because he wasn’t a Theologian, even though he did manage to help many understand various theological issues. Fortunately, a new book by Dr. Donald T. Williams, entitled Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind the Writings of C.S. Lewis tackles the topic. This podcast interview provides an overview of his book that not only summarizes Lewis’ views but also gives an analysis of them. Dr. Williams has previously been on All About Jack with a couple of podcasts featuring two different talks that related to the subject.


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For the Sake of the Story (Dr. Donald T. Williams) 2016r

for-the-sake-of-the-storyThe following is the main part of an inaugural lecture from Dr. Donald T. Williams called “For the Sake of the Story: Doctrine and Discernment in Reading C.S. Lewis.” Dr. Williams is a Professor of English and Chair of the Humanities and Natural Sciences Department at Toccoa Falls College in Northeast Georgia. This audio is from a video available online that includes a questions and answers segment not included here. Of special note is a new book by Dr. Williams that expands on many of the ideas presented in this talk. That new book (published December, 2016) is Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind The Writings of C.S.Lewis.


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2017 Podcast Review

In 2017 I introduced several new series – one short-term, another that is occasional and the final one that was actually a mini-series of short podcasts. Overall, I posted over thirty shows that has not been shared where I have my audio files hosted. Below you’ll find a list of the programs that were presented in 2017. When you listen to this podcast you will hear a small sample of them. So, in a better late than never category, here’s my look back at 2017!


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(CMCSL-7): C.S. Lewis was a Universalist

UPDATE: It’s seems I’ve “over-summarized” MacDonald’s views on Universalism…inadvertently creating, or continuing a misconception about him. Because of time commitments related to just doing a book on misquotes related to Lewis, I will formally update the article below at a later date. If you are wanting a better understanding of his views, then read this online article: GEORGE MACDONALD’S VIEWS ON UNIVERSALISM by David L. Neuhouser

This is part of an occasional series exploring questionable claims about the life or writings of C.S. Lewis.  For a list of the topics either already explored or planned to be examined you can visit the introduction to this series

Saying C.S. Lewis is popular among Evangelicals is like reporting the grass is green. However, there are those who are on the other end of the spectrum, believing Lewis is dangerous because of some of his views. One of those issues deals with the heart of the Christian faith – the issue of salvation. Specifically, whether or not everyone will be saved. Those who believe ALL will be saved are called “Universalists.” That is, if you hold to the idea that all will eventually go to Heaven, you are a Universalist. Some believe that Lewis held this position. However, a careful consideration of his writings clearly shows he did not hold this perspective.

Specifically, there are three main reasons some believe Lewis held a Universalist position. The first has to do with the Emeth character from The Last Battle, the final Narnia story. A second common factor for thinking he believed in Universalism is his praise of George MacDonald, who was a proponent of universal salvation. Finally, another concern expressed by some is comments Lewis made related to salvation in Mere Christianity, as well as other writings.