(Video) Hal Poe – “When Cultures Collapse: The Gospel and the Future”

The following is the first plenary talk from the Inklings Fellowship’s An Inklings Week in Oxford by Dr. Harry Lee (Hal) Poe. His title was “When Cultures Collapse: The Gospel and the Future.” It was given at St. Giles Church on Monday, July 18, 2016.

Please note that the video was NOT professionally recorded. It was done by me using my Galaxy Note 4 phone  and was one of the first attempts to record a lecture. While the video itself is clear, the audio did not turn out as well as hoped.

Writing Tips from Lewis and Tolkien (King and Poe)

King and Poe2 - Writing Tips

What can a person learn about how to improve one’s writing from C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien? That was the subject Dr. Don King and Dr. Hal Poe addressed in a session I moderated to kick off a Creative Writing Festival held for high school students at Montreat College on March 31, 2017. This was held just prior to the start of and apart from the Inklings Fellowship Weekend Retreat. At the last minute it ended up being recorded and the results were better than expected, so I thought I’d share the enjoyable time I had with Don and Hal chatting about Lewis and Tolkien in relation to writing. Note that below is are links to an online list of Lewis’ works as well as a handout that Dr. King makes reference to that you might find useful.


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2017 Podcast Review

In 2017 I introduced several new series – one short-term, another that is occasional and the final one that was actually a mini-series of short podcasts. Overall, I posted over thirty shows that has not been shared where I have my audio files hosted. Below you’ll find a list of the programs that were presented in 2017. When you listen to this podcast you will hear a small sample of them. So, in a better late than never category, here’s my look back at 2017!


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2017 Inklings Weekend in Montreat

2017 Inklings WeekendThe 2017 Inklings Weekend is approaching soon. This event will be in Montreat (N.C.) March 31st – April 2nd. Dr. Hal Poe, who organizes the weekend is the guest for the show. The theme this year is “G. K. Chesterton and other Voices that Shaped C. S. Lewis.” Speakers at the event include Dr. Joseph Pearce, Nigel Goodwin, along with Don and Hal.

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Highlights Inklings Week in Oxford 2016

Highlights Inklings OXFORD 2016
Most of you are aware that last month (July, 2016) there was an event in England called “An Inklings Week in Oxford.” It was hosted by the Inklings Fellowship. There were 10 plenary talks (one hour), five “second breakfast” speakers (thirty minutes) and also each morning during morning worship there was someone sharing to help put the day in focus. Obviously it would be too large of a task to highlight all of that, so what follows is a podcast that shares short excerpts from talks most related to Lewis or his works. As noted in the introduction the purpose of this show is to remind those who attend what it was like and to let others know what they missed so they will consider attending the next one in 2019! All talks shared today were given at St. Giles Church in Oxford. 


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