Apologetics and the Christian Imagination (Dr. Holly Ordway)

New for 2017 is a book by Dr. Holly Ordway entitled Apologetics and the Christian Imagination: An Integrated Approach to Defending the Faith. This podcast interview gives an overview of Holly’s belief that both reason and imagination should be used for the most effective defense of the Christian faith. She has previously been on All About Jack for a couple of “Essay Chat” podcasts and co-hosted a series dealing with The Narnia Code, and talking about her spiritual autobiography Not God’s Type.


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Not God’s Type 2014 (Dr. Holly Ordway)

Not Gods Type2In late 2011 I spoke with Dr. Holly Ordway about Not God’s Type (which first came out in 2010). A new edition was just release (2014) that elaborates further on her conversion from atheism and further developments since becoming a Christian. Hers is a fascinating story that will be interesting to all. Learn how the writings of C.S. Lewis prepared her in many ways to come to faith and then grow as a believer. 

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EC04r – “Is Theology Poetry?” with Dr. Holly Ordway (Essay Chat)

Is Theology PoetryThe following is a repeat of the fourth “essay chat” program. For those not familiar with it, the purpose of this show is to focus on a single essay (or similar shorter work) by C.S. Lewis and discuss it with another Lewis expert or enthusiast. The essay discusses is “Is Theology Poetry?” and my guest is Dr. Holly Ordway.


WRL01 – The Last Battle

Last Battle (three covers)This podcast focuses on The Last Battle and is part of a new series that I “accidentally” began in 2016.  It was then that I gathered together a handful of individuals giving a testimony on a particular work by C.S. Lewis. It started with the fact that The Screwtape Letters first came out in weekly installments in 1941 and I wanted to honor this landmark and encourage people to read or re-read that book. Later I realized that it would be fruitful to spotlight EACH of Lewis’ works that way. So, I began to record a variety of individuals on a few books that had similar landmark anniversaries last year. This project was delayed and then I realized there was no need to select works based on a particular anniversary of publication.

It may seem odd to begin a spotlight on one of the Narnia books by presenting testimonies on The Last Battle. This title was selected initially because last year was the 60th anniversary of its release. So, I already had enough people recorded to release the show and thought why not go ahead and share it! On the show today (in order of appearance) is: Christin Ditchfield Lazo, Dennis Beets, Gina Dalfonzo, Dr. Holly Ordway and Dr. Michael Ward.     


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Highlights Inklings Week in Oxford 2016

Highlights Inklings OXFORD 2016
Most of you are aware that last month (July, 2016) there was an event in England called “An Inklings Week in Oxford.” It was hosted by the Inklings Fellowship. There were 10 plenary talks (one hour), five “second breakfast” speakers (thirty minutes) and also each morning during morning worship there was someone sharing to help put the day in focus. Obviously it would be too large of a task to highlight all of that, so what follows is a podcast that shares short excerpts from talks most related to Lewis or his works. As noted in the introduction the purpose of this show is to remind those who attend what it was like and to let others know what they missed so they will consider attending the next one in 2019! All talks shared today were given at St. Giles Church in Oxford. 


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