(PODCAST) Exploring C.S. Lewis Misquotes and Misconceptions – Episode 6

This is the sixth and final podcast episode in the series on “Misquotes and Misconceptions.” Returning guest host for this show is Dr. Crystal Hurd. Previously she help with the debut show in this series and has been on the podcast several other times (see link below). Today she helps William O’Flaherty explore the claim that C.S. Lewis was a Universalist and then material previously covered is reviewed. The topics are listed below (that also link to an article online) to help you better understand the issue that is addressed. 


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(PODCAST) Exploring C.S. Lewis Misquotes and Misconceptions – Episode 1

If you have been on social media over the last few years then you have probably seen a quotation attributed to Lewis from someone that you wondered if he actually wrote. That happen to me time and time again; so much that I began to collect them as I researched whether or not Lewis wrote the quote in question. That led to a blog series examining each quotation (see link below). More recently I began collecting information related to the life of Lewis and his writings that are misunderstood and started a blog series on this (link also below). This led me to considering what you now see, the first of a six-part episode chatting about these topics. This initial show provides an overview of all the subjects address in the other programs. Guest host for today is Dr. Crystal Hurd. 


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16r Essay Chat – Willing Slaves of the Welfare State (Dr. Crystal Hurd)

EC16r - Willing SlavesBack in April 2012 I began an occasional series of essay chats. Each of these podcasts examine a single shorter work that C.S. Lewis wrote with the hopes of encourage you to read or re-read it. As “Willing Slaves of the Welfare State” is repeated with this show, I find it hard to believe that I actually did sixteen over a seven month span. Of course, back then my program wasn’t very old and this was a fairly easy way to create a new podcast. My guest for this essay chat is a familiar name; Dr. Crystal Hurd has been on the show many times. Crystal is an educator and researcher from Virginia who is currently researching the role of artists as leaders. The essay discussed can most easily be found in God in the Dock.


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Summary of 2015 New Podcasts

Here are a few of the podcast that were new in 2015 (more to be added later):

Beyond the Shadowlands w/ Dr. Wayne Martindale

The C.S. Lewis Collection (Logos Bible Software)

Seven Literary Sages (Christian History Magazine)

The Oxford Inklings (Dr. Colin Duriez)

The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis (Dr. Jerry Root)

Not Quite Lewis – Questionable Lewisian Quotations (William O’Flaherty)

Glyer and Root – CSLIS 2015 Panel Discussion (Part One)

Glyer and Root – CSLIS 2015 Panel Discussion (Part Two)

Inklings Fellowship Panel w/ Colin Duriez and others

CSL – Life, Works and Legacy pt. 1 w/ Dr. Bruce Edwards 

CSL – Life, Works and Legacy pt. 2 w/ Dr. Bruce Edwards

2013 Biographies Discussion pt. 1 w/ Charlie Starr and others 

2013 Biographies Discussion pt. 2 w/ Crystal Hurd and others

A Naked Tree/Yet One More Spring (Don King) 

Discussing Mere Christianity (Devin Brown)

Women & C.S. Lewis (Carolyn Curtis)

Joy (biography on wife of Lewis)


Lewis and Women Series (Dr. Crystal Hurd)

Lewis and Women

NOTE: I’m reposting this partly because at the time I first highlighted it the final two posts had not been completed and there are now. Additionally, I wanted to make you aware of four-part miniseries I recorded with Crystal on the topic (see links below).
Many casual readers of C.S. Lewis believe that he disliked women and some of them even think that he “encouraged misogyny and the oppression of women.” That last view was something that Dr. Crystal Hurd ran into when she was defending her doctoral dissertation. This encounter is part of what lead her to write a series of articles about Lewis and women.  She began this project in May, 2013 and at the time of this posting is nearly finished.

Dr. Hurd provides useful background information for each subtopic she addresses in her series. Below you will find a direct link to each of the parts. Her website also contains other material on C.S. Lewis that you will want to check out as well. That link is a the end of the list. And if you link on the graphic above you will be taken to her site and a listing of the Lewis and women series is given as well.

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