2017 Podcast Review

In 2017 I introduced several new series – one short-term, another that is occasional and the final one that was actually a mini-series of short podcasts. Overall, I posted over thirty shows that has not been shared where I have my audio files hosted. Below you’ll find a list of the programs that were presented in 2017. When you listen to this podcast you will hear a small sample of them. So, in a better late than never category, here’s my look back at 2017!


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CSL Daily 01/21/18


“Prudery and Philology” was published on January 21, 1955 in The Spectator.  It is available in the Present Concerns book.

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“You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness.”

The Weight of Glory
(Published in Screwtape Proposes a Toast on 1/4/1965)

Q01-21 (Enchantment of Worldliness)

(CCSLQ-42) – Defeat the Darkness

The following is part of a series exploring quotations attributed to C.S. Lewis that are questionable for one reason or another. As I near the publication of a book on the subject, it is difficult to say how often I will post additional material (even though over 30 additional quotes are identified). The working title of the book is THE MISQUOTABLE C.S. LEWIS  and it is scheduled for release in May, 2018.

There is an “at a glance” page (CLICK HERE) to quickly see what has been posted so far in this series, which also includes a list of the other quotes I’ve identified as questionable. Also, if you haven’t already, consider reading the INTRODUCTION to this series to gain an understanding of the three main categories.   

“To defeat the darkness out there, you must defeat the darkness in yourself.”

I’ve posted previously on quotations that came from the movie adaptation of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (see CCSLQ-1 about HARDSHIPS and CCSLQ-25 about VALUE) and this is yet another one; it is only found in the movie and not the book version by Lewis. What’s interesting about this one is a common image of the quote (as above) shows a picture of Aslan and states the line is from him. This association is also false, as it was actually spoken by Coriakin, the magician, in the film. At one point you could find a picture of this quote shared by the official Narnia Facebook page! So, here’s a false attribution to a fake Lewis quote! How sad such a significant site made such errors.

Some may object and reply that Lewis would have agreed with the sentiment and believe it’s not so bad to falsely credit him. In all honesty, I can see him writing this statement, but only through the voice of his character Screwtape, not his own. That is, when you read the quote carefully you find that, while it does encourage a very virtuous thing (defeating darkness), it does so through a method that is entirely false: a three-letter word, Y-O-U. Last time I checked my Bible it noted that it was “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.” A better line for the movie, one more in keeping with Lewis’s Christian worldview, would be something like, “To defeat the darkness out there, you must first let Aslan help you defeat the darkness in you.”

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“Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties.”

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Updated 1/20/2018


CSL Daily 01/20/18


“Ministering Angels” is a short story by Lewis first published in the January, 1958 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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“It is when we notice the dirt that God is most present to us: it is the very sign of His presence.”

Letter to Mary Neylan
(from Collected Letters, Volume 2 on 1/20/1942)

Q01-20 (God Most Present)

Preparing for Easter – Lewis Readings (Re-Post)

Preparing for Easter (2017)Has celebrating the resurrection of Christ become routine for you each Easter? Learn about a new collection of devotional readings from the previously published writings of C.S. Lewis to help bring you to a renewed understanding of Jesus’s sacrifice. Zach Kincaid is my guest for this podcast interview to talk about Preparing for Easter, a resource that debuted in 2017. He went through all of Lewis’s writings and selected the readings, along with two passages from the Bible to aid all Christians deepening their knowledge and appreciation of this holy season. 


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