75th Anniversary of The Screwtape Letters #24

The essay “Screwtape Proposes a Toast” was published less than five years before Lewis died.

75th #24
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Sketch courtesy of Jef Murray

Sketch courtesy of Jef Murray

The purpose of Essential C.S. Lewis is to provide useful information to all types of C.S. Lewis fans. So, whether you are new to the works and writings of C.S. Lewis, or have been reading him for years, you should be able to find something new and/or interesting. Something just begun in 2013 are two new features. Below you will notice Jack in Retrospect and Quote of the Day. The first is a weekly column examining what was going on related to Lewis over the years that week. The quotes shared are from something he wrote (or was published) around the same time or month.  The four remaining elements: C.S. Lewis MinuteAll About Jack PodcastLewis Daily Quiz and Fact of the Day are the same as before (click on the links for details if you need it). Something else new is the ability to keep up with this site via Facebook. Please visit and like!

Jack in Retrospect

Jack in Retrospect

This is a weekly feature, just begun in 2013, highlights many of the events and accomplishments in the life of C.S. Lewis, along with books of his works published after his death. Anyone fairly familiar with C.S. Lewis knows he wrote a lot of books, but did you know he also had many shorter works (essays, sermons and addresses) published in his life? Likewise, there are a variety of interesting facts that many casual fans are unaware. One is that Lewis died on the same day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated and that Aldous Huxley  also passed away (November 23, 1963. This year is the 50th anniversary of those events and is a key reason for the creation of my weekly series.

To view all my Jack in Retrospect posts, please visit this page.

All About Jack

All About Jack

To many Douglas Gresham needs no introduction. For those who are not aware, he is one of C.S. Lewis’s stepsons and the point-person for all things from the Lewis Estate. I caught up with him on 9/24/13, the morning after he spoke at Asbury University. Previously he wrote two books related to Lewis, Lenten Lands and Jack’s Life. I spoke with him about Narnia (the books and the movies), the Ransom Trilogy, Lewis’s habits and how he dealt with failure and disappointment among other issues.

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