Fact / Quote / Quiz: March 10th


On this day (3/10) in 1949 Lewis shared two chapters of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with his friend (and former student) Roger Green.

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“Nothing, not even the best and noblest, can go on as it now is. Nothing, not even what is lowest and most bestial, will not be raised again if it submits to death.”

Who Goes Home? or The Grand Divorce XVIII
(Published in The Guardian on 3/9/1945)

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What is the name of the north star in Narnia?

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QUOTE: November 2, 2013

“The Faerie Queene is perhaps the most difficult poem in English. Quite how difficult, I am only now beginning to realize after forty years of reading it.”

Spenser’s Images of Life
(Published 11/2/1967)

QUIZ: November 2, 2013

What book did Lewis first give as several radio broadcasts that all survived, but the print version has much more content than the audio (broadcast) version?

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FACT: November 2, 2013

Today (11/2) in 1967 Spenser’s Images of Life was published. It was edited by Alastair Fowler and based on #CSLewis’s Cambridge lectures.

QUIZ: November 1, 2013

What is the title of Lewis’s first published book?

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QUOTE: November 1, 2013

“Faith, in the sense in which I am using the word, is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.”

(Given as a talk on November 1, 1942 and later published as chapter 11 in Christian Behavior)

FACT: November 1, 2013

“Faith” is the chapter title of what was the 7th BBC talk from Lewis’s third series that became the book Christian Behaviour (where it is chapter 11).

FACT: October 31, 2013

The 27th Screwtape Letter was published today in 1941 in The Guardian. Its subtitle was “The Historical Point of View.”

QUOTE: October 31, 2013

“Anything, even a sin, which has the total effect of moving him close up to the Enemy [i.e. God], makes against us in the long run.”

The Screwtape Letters – XXVII – The Historical Point of View
(First published in The Guardian on 10/31/1941)


QUIZ: October 31, 2013

This order for the Narnian books is surely one of the most common in the world: 1) HHB, 2) LB, 3) LWW, 4) MN, 5) PC, 6) SC and 7)VDT. Despite being so common perhaps no one has ever actually read them in this order. Can you guess why that order is so common? (submitted by Stanley Anderson)

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