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Just recently I highlighted three videos from the C. S. Lewis Symposium that was held on 11/21/13. There are actually a couple of other resources related to this that I wanted to make sure you were aware of. One is a single audio file featuring highlights from the actual memorial service from the following day. The other is a video of Dr. William Lane Craig when he spoke at the C.S. Lewis Oxford Society last year.


1. Audio Highlights of Memorial Service from 11/22/13 (Click to listen to audio)

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2. Dr. William Lane Craig at C.S. Lewis Oxford Society



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The C.S. Lewis Review (Dr. Bruce Edwards)

CS Lewis Review (Bruce Edwards)

While there are not many professors who have a website devoted to C.S. Lewis, fewer still can say they have had one around for almost twenty years. Dr. Bruce Edwards began what is now known as The C.S. Lewis Review in 1995. Today you can browse a variety of material that dates back to 2005. Now retired and living in Alaska, Dr. Edwards previously taught for 32 years at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. He is the editor of the four volume C. S. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy and has written four titles himself related to C.S. Lewis.

On the main page of the website you are provided with the most recent posts and links to the main areas of the site at the top of the page. The Archives section is logically the largest area. The subsections to the Archives is actually provided on the right panel of nearly all the pages. It provides an easy way to the quickly navigate to material that is divided into Articles, Conferences, News, Podcasts, and Public Lecture. From the top of all pages you can get to the Resources section that includes a great area that you won’t want to miss, a selection of essays by Dr. Edwards and a handful of other articles not accessible in any other part of the site.

VISIT The C.S. Lewis Review SITE

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C. S. Lewis Symposium (Three Videos)

I’ve previously mentioned several times that Lewis was honored in Poets’ Corner in 2013. One fact that you may not have been aware of was that the day before this occurred there were three meetings that were part of a symposium to help celebrate his legacy. Those events from November 21st were filmed by Lunar Firm and the videos are now released by a group called Christian Evidence with permission from the Westminster Abbey Institute. They are as follows with a link that enables you to watch the video from this post:

Part One – Telling the Truth Through Rational Argument (Dr. Alister McGrath)

Features Dr. Alister McGrath speaking for about a 45 minutes and then there is nearly a fifteen minute Q & A segment after it.

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Part Two – Telling the Truth Through Imaginative Fiction (Dr. Malcolm Guite)

Features Dr. Malcolm Guite speaking for about 45 minutes as well with a Q & A segment that lasts fifteen minutes.

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Part Three – PANEL DISCUSSION: What Can 21st Century Apologetics Learn from C.S. Lewis?

Dr. Michael Ward leads this panel discussion with novelist Jeanette Sears, theologian Judith Wolfe, and apologists William Lane Craig, Peter S. Williams, and Michael Ramsden. It concludes with Dr. Don King reading a poem by C.S. Lewis.


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Lewis and Women Series (Dr. Crystal Hurd)

Lewis and Women

NOTE: I’m reposting this partly because at the time I first highlighted it the final two posts had not been completed and there are now. Additionally, I wanted to make you aware of four-part miniseries I recorded with Crystal on the topic (see links below).
Many casual readers of C.S. Lewis believe that he disliked women and some of them even think that he “encouraged misogyny and the oppression of women.” That last view was something that Dr. Crystal Hurd ran into when she was defending her doctoral dissertation. This encounter is part of what lead her to write a series of articles about Lewis and women.  She began this project in May, 2013 and at the time of this posting is nearly finished.

Dr. Hurd provides useful background information for each subtopic she addresses in her series. Below you will find a direct link to each of the parts. Her website also contains other material on C.S. Lewis that you will want to check out as well. That link is a the end of the list. And if you link on the graphic above you will be taken to her site and a listing of the Lewis and women series is given as well.

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Visit Dr. Crystal Hurd’s Website
(General Link)

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Lewis in Poets’ Corner

Poets Corner Memorial

Late last year C.S. Lewis was honored in a memorial service at Westminster Abby in Poets’ Corner. While I did previously mention it in a post, I realized that many might not have seen it due to the nature of blogs and felt it definitely worthy of being in this spotlight section. However, unlike most of these posts, which feature a special page or website, this feature is more of a collection of links related to the event.

However, the first link is actually a collection that was posted by Sara at Thoroughly Alive, C.S. Lewis at Westminster Abbey: A Roundup of Links. It was posted early December last year (2013). My previous post came out just before the event itself, so even though I’m sharing the links below be sure to check out Sara’s piece for an even further perspective. Please note that some of the audio link below may be available for a short time (or no long available).

If you know of any other items that should have been included you can give them below in the comment section!


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Desiring God 2013 Lewis Conference FREE Media

Desiring God 2013 Conf SpotlightThere were more than a few events in 2013 to celebrate the life of C.S. Lewis during the 50th anniversary year of his death. One of them was hosted by Dr. John Piper’s Desiring God Ministries. However, they are only one that I’m aware of that not only did FREE live streaming of their conference, but has ALSO made them freely available afterwards.

“The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life & Imagination in the Works of C.S. Lewis” was the name of their event and you can view all the videos of each session, seminar and even their “small talks” (ten-minute mini-sessions) by selecting the picture above.  You can also listen to them in audio or even download the audio.

Additionally, the list below tells you the names of the sessions and gives a direct link to each of them.

UPDATE: A book version is scheduled for release in late September!

Main Sessions


Small Talks (10-minute messages)

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Inklings Forever (C.S. Lewis & Friends)

Taylor - Inklings Forever - Lewis and FriendsSince 1997 Taylor University has held The Frances White Ewbank Colloquium on C.S. Lewis & Friends nearly every two years (they skipped 2003). In addition to having great guest speakers over the years, this meeting also provides the opportunity for individuals to present a twenty minute address. Then, not long after the event, the corresponding papers based on those shorter talks are printed in a volume called INKLINGS FOREVER. Plus, nearly all of those essays are available online for free!

Over the years these papers have included well known Lewis scholars, like Dr. Bruce Edwards (who will be at the 2014 event), Dr. Joel Heck and Marjorie Lamp Mead, who were all at the first event in 1997. In addition to following the links provided in this article already you can find more material by visiting the other year here:

Inklings Forever Vol. VIII – 2012

Inklings Forever Vol. VII – 2010

Inklings Forever Vol. VI – 2008

Inklings Forever Vol. V – 2006

Inklings Forever Vol. IV – 2004

Inklings Forever Vol. III – 2001

Inklings Forever Vol. II – 1999

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C.S. Lewis Blog from HarperCollins

Lewis BlogA couple of months ago I featured HarperCollins’s site they manage online at CSLewis.com. One of the areas I mentioned was BLOG section that contains a large variety of articles by either Lewis scholars or enthusiasts. This area use to be a standalone site until late last year and has been posting essays for nearly seven years. While it is easy to navigate the site (you can browse by year, author or topic) I wanted to highlight a few older articles that you might not come across too quickly by those methods:

How C. S. Lewis “Prefutes” Stephen Hawking – From 2010, this piece by Dr. David Downing is a response to the (then) recent article by physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow where they explain “Why God Did Not Create the Universe.” Downing shares from several of Lewis’s works where he provides answers to the central claims they make.

Learning In War-Time – Dr. Joel Heck provides a useful summary of an essay by Lewis that was first a sermon (and the debut one from Lewis) given 75 years ago this year. 

Dispelling Myths about C. S. Lewis – Some believe that Lewis gave up defending the after a 1948 debate, but Dr. Jerry Root explains why this isn’t true.

A Review of The Narnia Code – Here Dr. Charlie Starr shares why Dr. Michael Ward’s adaptation of Planet Narnia (a scholarly work) translates well in a more popular style.

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C.S. Lewis Foundation Site

CSLewis FoundationI’m sure I could do a series of articles here about the C.S. Lewis Foundation website and not do justice in telling you about all the resources you can find that they have online. Beside their internet presence, they are known for hosting an event every other year called Oxbridge and they own and operate The Kilns, the home Lewis lived in for nearly half his life. While some of the navigational subsections are duplicated under the main sections, as noted, they still have a good deal of material online.

Next to their ABOUT section, is a C.S. LEWIS area that includes subsections with a timeline of his life, a collection of study guides to some of his works and two places of links to other Lewis resources. Under their resources and contact section is a useful “Frequently Asked Questions” area. Finally, among the other links on their site is one called PROGRAMS that detail a variety of ventures that currently have or are planning.

VISIT C.S. Lewis Foundation SITE

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Lewis & Women – Get the COMPLETE SERIES!

LewisandWomen (bandcamp)If you’ve been enjoying the Lewis & Women podcast miniseries and can’t wait for the last two shows then you will want to know this:

I’m releasing all the shows through BandCamp. You can get the last two shows for just $1 each, or all FOUR for just $3. You can also preview ALL of the shows there in their entirety.

I’ll be doing a REPEAT for the next two weeks on my All About Jack page, so it will be several weeks before you can get them there. Purchasing them helps me paid for the hosting I have here on WordPress and over at PodOmatic. Thanks in advance for considering to help support my efforts to enable others to learn about the life and work of C.S. Lewis.

VISIT Bampcamp Page for Complete Series


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